Friday, June 29, 2012

my personal assistant

These are the little things I love, the things that make up for any amount of bad behavior. Today Olivia totally took it upon herself to see that I had the time - and proper notification - necessary to complete the transcription work that I totally blew off last night. (For the record, I spent the evening trolling blogs and getting ideas instead of doing the work that I actually get paid for. So smart.)

I have a dry erase board on the door to my bedroom, which also serves as my office. It's there in the event I'm interviewing a rock star or foreign dignitary or something, and can't be interrupted with "Moooom! Griffin farted on me!", at which time it says something to the effect of don't you dare knock or open this door unless you're bleeding, you can see the bone, or the house is on fire.

This is the board today, and that is not my handwriting, but rather the writing of my personal assistant Olivia. After posting the note, she proceeded downstairs to spearhead an effort to clean up the entire downstairs; an idea that received lukewarm support (at best) from her brothers, who were far more interested in their online game of Pokemon. Regardless, my downstairs is now clean and vacuumed, laundry put away, and dishwasher loaded, thanks to my three monkeys. Love them.

I think there might be a Sonic happy hour slushee in your very near future!!

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