Monday, July 23, 2012

barbie on set

I so totally love this.

Olivia and her friend were busy in her room for hours today creating a Barbie "photo shoot". This is maybe half of the full scene. They have since abandoned the set, and moved on to someone's swimming pool for the afternoon - which probably explains the carelessly tossed Barbie in her stylish purple cowboy boots.

What do I love? How creative they got. I've been feeling kind of low lately because finances have been tight, and I don't know when I last bought any one of my babies a new toy or treat. Besides maybe a slushie at Sonic happy hour, which only sets me back about 75 cents. But they managed to merge the few Barbie, Groovy Girls, and Littlest Pet Shop accessories Liv has to create a pretty snazzy Barbie bedroom.

What else do I love? I didn't hear a peep from any of my little monkeys for hours.

I found the remote!
Best of all, check out the artwork on the wall, and the big screen t.v. in the foreground. They took zebra stripe duct tape to create the frames, and cut the pictures out of a magazine. And somewhere in there is a teeny tiny remote control fashioned out of pink construction paper and double stick tape. I love, love, love when they use their imaginations and create things on their own.

Not so sure about Barbie's television viewing choices, however - that's Snooki and JWoww on the t.v. Gonna cut her some slack this time though.

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