Thursday, June 30, 2011

For granddaddy

My granddaddy Burns hasn't seen my boys since Connor was 2 (he's 11 now) - and he's never met Olivia. So I've decided to share some video of each of my kiddos doin' their things, so he can see how they've grown. (By the way, Griffin still remembers sitting on that motorcycle at the reunion we went to last time we brought the family to visit. He was only 5!)

This is Griffin, age 14, playing guitar at his 8th grade end of year recital. He's self-taught for the most part - but got to take a guitar class second semester. Playing "Little Wing" by Jimi Hendrix.

Now Connor. He is turning into quite the little trombone player - was chosen for Gilbert District Honor band this year, and was second chair! This video is at his 6th grade end of year band concert, playing an ensemble piece with his best friend Belmont. He's on the left...the only trombone.

Olivia took acro-gymnastics and hip hop this year. This is her acro-gymnastics routine - she LOVES it! She starts out the routine in the back, far left. Kind of hard to follow...dark hair, and daddy does a pretty good job of keeping her centered in the frame when he zooms in.

In the case you can't quite get enough - you'll note that these are all YouTube links. Larry has a channel on YouTube, "Wawwy", and there are lots of videos of the kids doing ALL their things. Especially entertaining are the Journey to Hacker Valley videos - the boys each had the same 5th grade teacher, and did the same project, a video...classic stuff.

Granddaddy, we may not have had the internet and handheld video cameras and blogs and digital cameras when I was little. But I still have an overstuffed scrap book in my keepsake boxes in the shed, with all the momentos I saved from the trip you, I, and Grandma Fran took all over New Mexico. I'll never forget that trip, and sometimes I think those types of memories can be even better than the ones that are impeccably preserved in digital files. Rather than having a video showing exactly what we said and how we looked...I remember how loved and cherished I felt, and still feel today, because of that trip. Which is really more important than anything.

I love you!

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