Wednesday, May 18, 2011

School can't possibly end soon enough.

Stop the madness. Just stop.

Want to hear tonight's schedule? Here goes:

4:30: Olivia has Jazz & Hip Hop class till 5:30
5:00: Olivia and Connor have Grandparents' Night at their Scholastic book fair, until 7:00, to which their Grandma P is coming
6:00: I have a PTSO board meeting
6:00: Griffin has rehearsal for Pinocchio until 9:00

This is why I haven't blogged in weeks. That and my stellar work ethic, which keeps me from blogging from 8-5, since my employer clearly does not pay me to document my mommy chronicles. I've kept up somewhat with my blog about my sister, but even that hasn't been touched since earlier this month. It's ironic that despite how much I love to write, and how therapeutic it is for me, I still can't manage to do it.

How many of you mommies out there have trouble doing the things that make you whole, because you're so busy taking care of everyone else? I know, it's an age-old quandry, and I'm not the least bit unique. But dammit, I need some time.

Larry and I maneuver and cook and carpool and parent from the second we get home from work until the second our heads hit the pillow, which is rarely before 10 p.m. (except of course when Dancing with the Stars is on, when I sit on the couch for two hours watching, FEELING GUILTY THE WHOLE TIME).

So naturally, I'm excited for school to be out, and for all the madness to end. But mark my words, around the beginning of August you'll see a blog post about how I can't wait for school to start again...

CHEERS to all you parents out there who bust a hump 24/7. Solidarity.

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