Thursday, July 21, 2011


I talk with other mommies all the time about our younger children's sense of entitlement. I'm sure it's always been a problem; kids are self-absorbed, and that's no surprise. But it seems that with our society's overly-p.c., overly indulgent tendencies of late - like giving the last place team a trophy, and buying iPhones for our first graders - we've created a generation of overly entitled, spoiled brats. Those of us who still think there's only one winner and that kids should be riding their bikes to their friends' houses to talk often feel like we're fighting a losing battle.

Today Olivia had a field trip to Skateland with her YMCA camp. They tell the kiddos that they can bring money to buy snacks or play video games. Keep in mind - we've already paid for them to go and roller skate. These are all extras. But kids, mine included, don't get the concept that this is a treat or something special; Olivia's allowed to bring money, so by all means, I should be giving her some.

Olivia did not get money for Skateland. The horror! This was the conversation as we walked to the car after I picked her up this afternoon...

Olivia: "Mom, you forgot to give me money today."
Me: "Did you roller skate? I bet it was fun."
Me: "But you had fun roller skating, right?"

Loooong pause.

Olivia: "When I was at Skateland today, I got so. thirsty."
Me: "You did?"
Olivia: "Yes. But I couldn't get anything to drink." Cue pathetic, deep sigh.
Me: "Did they have a water fountain?"

Another long pause.

Olivia: "The water in the water fountain wasn't cold, Mom."

I'm not sure how long it will be before she forgives me for sending her to Skateland, penniless and thirsty. But I'm happy to report that she is alive and well, perhaps even thriving.

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