Monday, May 7, 2012

20 minutes for me

I've made a decision. I have been working hard all day, and as a treat I am going to watch the third period of the Coyotes' playoff game tonight without multitasking.

Period one, I clipped coupons and went through 5 days' worth of mail. Most of period two was spent shuttling kids through showers and putting about 20 braids in Olivia's hair so that she can have a totally 80's crimped hairdo tomorrow.(How cool is she, having the confidence to rock that look in the 3rd grade in 2012?)

Period three, by god, I am going to curl up on my bed in my cozy bedroom and watch the Coyotes beat the Predators and make it to the western conference finals for the first time ever.

How often we deny ourselves the opportunity to truly relax and lose ourselves in something for an hour or so? Um, constantly? It could be the hockey game, American Idol, Us Weekly, anything - we never do it, or if we do, we either multitask or become consumed with guilt for the large number of things we leave undone.

You don't need me to tell you it's good for you to break away and take time for yourself. We see and hear about it all the time from watching experts on Today Show we fold the laundry.

Take a break ladies.

Okay, it's on!


Epilogue: Of course, once I'd settled in, the entire family and both dogs joined me to watch, and it wasn't exactly my fantasy 20 minutes of focused sports bliss. Ah, well, love them, so it's okay.

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