Tuesday, April 24, 2012

to coupon or not to coupon, that is the question

As part of my new stay at home budget, I vowed to start clipping coupons. So of course I got behind and as of this morning had four months' worth sitting next to my printer in my bedroom. Today's project, get them all cut and sorted.

(Perhaps more importantly, it gave me an excuse to turn on the two hour episode of The Voice that I missed last night to watch as I snipped.)

I'd put it off long enough that at least half of them had expired. But the pile is gone, and I can rest easy knowing that I've managed to tick this one off my list.

Here's the thing. I'm not really sure how much I'm going to save doing this. It takes an incredible amount of time and planning. And while the idea of the Extreme Couponer is a little fascinating, I don't have anywhere to store 300 packages of toilet paper, nor do I have the time, patience or stamina to store and sort through hundreds of circulars and plan the shopping trips. (Actually I'm just the teeniest bit worried that I'll get addicted to it and not be able to stop).

Half the time I get a better deal on the store brands using my store savings card, anyway. They send me customized coupons that I do use. But if I'm trying to save money...I feel obligated to clip, clip, clip everything I can. But, really, then you just have like 20 coupons for razors to use in one month, none of which actually end up being the least expensive option.

But look at those adorable coupon folders. So snug and organized. And I feel so responsible walking down the grocery store aisle flipping through it. 

Do I commit myself to this or not? I'm this weird combination, an obsessive procrastinator. I know this won't be worth my time unless I really commit to it. But I'm spread pretty thin already.

I mean, what with all my t.v. shows to catch up on, and US Weekly to read.

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