Sunday, March 4, 2012

careful what you wish for

It's a gorgeous, sunny Sunday afternoon, and I'm the tiniest bit bummed that I'm at my desk working. I can't possibly complain - after all, work is coming in fairly steadily now, and I could not have prayed for things to go any better than they have so far since I quit my job. But of course, as I sit working on freelance schedules and paying bills, Larry walks behind me on his way out the door and whispers in my ear, "blog...keep your eye on the prize."

I have hooked up with an honest to god for real work-from-home job, doing transcription work for insurance companies. It's all delivered to me digitally and I just type it up and send it back. Certainly won't win me a Pulitzer Prize, but gives me steady income, however little. I also have some freelance work rolling in from a local paper - mostly research up to now, but on Friday I was offered my first freelance story, and I'm over the moon. It is just a little event preview piece - but still, it's a start, and I couldn't be happier. And a friend and I are cooking something up that we kind of think could have a chance to take off...all of a sudden I have a ton of work to do...and must remember to keep the blog up, too.

I'm really proud of myself for being disciplined enough to sit down and work. My house is still a wreck, and I'm not cooking any gourmet meals; I'm at my computer, working hard for close to the same amount of time each day, earning a fraction of what I was three months ago. But you know what? I'm thrilled about it.

I know there will be plenty of bumps in the road ahead. Finances, for one, as well as learning to juggle a whole new set of priorities. However you won't hear any complaints out of me. And thank god I have Larry, who will not let me forget the reason I did this in the first place. One day at a time.

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