Saturday, February 25, 2012

as the drum turns

Since I know of two people who have expressed interest in the fate of our washing machine, I find that excuse enough to post a blow by blow pictorial of today's washing machine adventure. (Note, when I mentioned "pictorial" to Larry, he got all excited...I said no, honey, not that kind of pictorial.)

My last entry showed Larry taking her apart. Here, she's torn into a million bits. This is the part of what Larry does that blows my mind. He never busts out the instructions - he just takes it apart, remembers what he did, figures out what's wrong, and then puts it back together. Blows me away.

Aha! The culprit. I couldn't possibly explain to you where this was or what it did, and if Larry wasn't currently knee deep in a well-deserved game of old school Metal Gear Solid, I'd ask him to tell me so I could pass it along. But you get the idea. Tiny piece - huge problem.

Putting it back together. At this point we have no idea if it will work, but he seemed pretty confident.

Test load, note suds in the driveway and water spurting out of the hose. That c-stand you see holding up the hose is actually something you find on sets and stages holding up lights and props - Larry "borrowed" some from an old job in L.A. and we've used them for everything from misting the pool with the hose to creating clothes racks for garage sales. So creative, that boy.

And - she's working like a charm!

Best part of all, the damage - a whopping $74.10. He actually fixed two other little things that had been broken for a long time, little switches or something...anyway, all together, a hell of a lot less than a new one. And I'm fine with not getting my red front loader, btw :).

Larry rocks.

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