Sunday, June 7, 2009

Saturday night was mommy/daughter night at US Airways Center to see the Phoenix Mercury home opener against the San Antonio Silver Stars. Olivia totally got her sports fan on with her friends, and me and the other two mommies loved every minute of it.

It was hopefully a sign of things to come. We took our 3-seat Expedition to the train station, and the girls sat together in the very back of the car. You know, it just must be in the girl genes. The giggling, the talking, the singing. There's something really fun about watching them make that transition would you describe it? From little girls to friends who are starting to create those bonds of friendship that could last for years. Part of what made it so satisfying to watch was knowing the girls and knowing their mothers, and knowing that these are good people who I like to have in our lives.

The game was a blast. The girls got to eat pretzels and ice cream, and I got Olivia a flag that got some serious use in the 4th quarter when the Mercury came from behind to win. During a time out the 4th quarter, they also got to run down to the court and dance. Olivia had all the cadences down, yelling "DE-FENSE!" and clapping at all the right moments. Just a fun, fun night. She told everyone who would listen when we got home about how the Mercury won.

It has become abundantly clear that Olivia is picking up on my love for sports. It may just be show for my sake, but she seems to be developing a genuine interest. It's one of those times when you realize how very much your children look up to you, and therefore, how very important every little thing you do is. Now is the time that I need to jump in and start showing her how to play catch and shoot a basket. 'Cause who knows?


Jennie Lee said...

And what's the good word on First Grade?

Robyn said...

Waiting patiently (ha) for the letter!