Tuesday, March 6, 2012

secretly love...

Sometimes we get so caught up in routines and schedules and responsibilities that we (read: I) forget that sometimes all our babies really want is to be close to us. I kind of forgot about how magical your parents' room is when you're little; somehow, the bed is just a little more cozy, and the pillows a little softer.

Daddy's working late, and Olivia was having a rough evening, so I offered to let her lay down in my room and read on the condition she would go to bed in her own bed tomorrow. Shortly after, Connor's light was on, and he said he couldn't sleep. Then a little light went on in my head. I asked Connor if he wanted to come read in my bed, too, and he couldn't get in there fast enough. So we turned on a little Norah Jones and declared my room "The Quiet Zone", and we couldn't be more cozy. Now I'm glad they are both in here with me, and I'm thinking I need to bend the rules more often.

I offered to let Griffin in, too, but he wasn't interested...that's a message, Mommy. Enjoy this while you can. They outgrow it so fast.

Epilogue: It's not lost on me that the last three photos I've posted to my blog are from my bedroom. And it's no surprise considering the amount of time I've spent in here - it's Work At Home Mommy Central now. I need to get out a little.

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