Thursday, January 19, 2012

Originally written Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2011

Funny how now that I think I'm going to try and make a living writing, I go back to read past blog posts and I think most of them suck.

A case of resignation letter cold feet. Turned it in on Monday, but it's still on the down-low for another week and a half. I've confided in two close work friends I know I can trust; the first one totally got it. She asked me all the "have you really thought this through" questions, and by the end of our lunch, she was like "oh my god, you have to do this." My other friend, who I've known longer and who was my first mentor, had the kind of reaction that makes me me second guess myself. She and I hadn't had a good download in a while, so I think it came as more of a surprise to her. Actually, I know it did.

Either way, it makes some of the doubts creep back in and nag a little at my earlobes.

But when I think about staying at my job any longer, it makes my stomach turn. I think that might mean something.

But then...had a team meeting today and I look around the table at the people who I've grown to really care about - some really great friends - and I feel a little sad. My connection with them is what has kept me around longer than I probably should have stayed. My obligation and commitment to what we are all trying to accomplish. But I ultimately believe that, professionally, they'll all thrive with the right person in my current role. But shoot, I'll miss seeing those guys every day.

But, hurray for facebook and happy hour! Now I can be 100% friend and not have to worry about the coworker/supervisor complication.

I'll now be focusing on making my blog posts not suck, because the deed is done.

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