Friday, August 27, 2010

Counting my blessings

Okay, so it’s only just now, with my kiddos at 13, 10, and 6 (almost 11 and 7), that we are rocking that insane schedule so many parents are forced to juggle. Acro-gymnastics, jazz and hip hop, guitar, acting, and a son who was just cast in another youth theatre musical. I’m on the PTSO board this year doing their newsletter. I’ve had two business trips in the past month, and I have one in September and two in October. Not to mention work and school; I’m looking at my calendar next week, and I see 14 meetings scheduled along with one ortho appointment.

So why am I not stressing out? I was a couple of weeks ago, but the summer to school transition always rocks my OCD world. I’ve pulled out of that, and the family is now cruising through fall like a well-oiled machine.

Reason number one is probably my incredible husband. Now, I’m not trying to get all gushy on you, or to score points with him. Truth is, he does the laundry, cleans the kitchen, and gets the kids ready for school in the morning, including outlining their chores for the day. He cooks dinner, and we now do all the grocery planning and shopping together. Right? Don’t you wish you had you one of those?

Reason number two is my kick-ass after school babysitter/tutor. Granted, my kids have been kind of a nightmare since school started, and I’m scared to death she’ll hit the road in search of a more tranquil way to spend her afternoons. But until then, I will continue to sing her praises, as having all the kids’ chores and homework done by the time Larry and I get home from work has absolutely transformed our lives.

I’m wondering if reason number three might be my killer 40’s mojo. Not sure what it is, but everything finally just feels right. It could also be our healthier lifestyle (excluding the Baja Fresh steak quesadilla I had for lunch). I’m down 26 pounds since last winter, which isn’t a huge amount, but which is enough to make all my pants too big and my booty fit better in an airplane seat. That kind of boosts the confidence, you know.

So I suppose all I’m doing on this 27th day of August in the year 2010 is sitting back and counting my blessings. Because there are a lot of them right now.

Plus, when things go to hell in a handbasket and I’m ready to move into my cabin in the woods, which I’m sure will eventually happen, I have a permanent record to remind me that on one day, things were looking pretty good.

Did I mention I also got a new puppy???

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