Thursday, January 28, 2010

My new marketing skills finally come in handy somewhere other than work.

I work as a communications and marketing associate. But I'm really more about the communications than the marketing. However now that I've been doing it for a while, some basic marketing principles have started to take root, and here's what I figured out.

I have been branding my sweet baby girl as a diva. Oh the horror! And while it is all in good fun, I imagine myself sitting on Oprah's couch one day, after my book is published and I'm a famous media columnist, discussing Olivia's stint in rehab that all stems from her mother ruining her life by calling her a mini-diva on her very first blog.

Okay, it may not go down like that. But as a few more folks who may not know me quite as well start to take a peek at my blog, I want to make sure I don't give my strong, outspoken, precious daughter a bad rap.

So I've changed the address and title of my blog. And that's that, my friends. Goodnight!

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