Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mini Diva Moment

Tonight, Olivia and I went to the library together. She loves to pick out her books - which she does very quickly, I might add. She flies up and down the aisles and picks anything pink with princesses or kittens, and proclaims them all her favorites. Really quite efficient, actually, and easy on Mom.

We were in the car on the way there, and she noticed that I had some clothes piled up on the back seat.

"Mom, why are your clothes in the car?" she asked.

"That's my dry cleaning," I said. "I put it in the car so that I can try and remember to take it to the dry cleaners."

"Just think it in your brain, mommy," she said, like totally DUH. "That's what I do."

Sometimes I'm not totally sure I heard her right, and I have to ask her to repeat herself. Tonight I think I was also rocking out to the new Incubus song and was only half-listening. "I'm sorry sweetie, what did you say?" I turned down the radio.

"Think it in your brain about takin' that to the dry cleaners, okay?"

Well then. Okay.

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